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Body-Safe Sex Toy Companies | The Ins and Outs

As a companion to my upcoming video on sex toy materials, I wanted to put together a comprehensive list of body-safe sex toy manufacturers (meaning companies whose toys are all non-toxic AND non-porous). This list is specifically referring to the safety of materials used and not the ethics of a company in any other regard.

Best Body-Safe Sex Toys from Trusted Brands

There are literally tens of thousands of adult toys on the market. Places like Amazon, eBay, and several other "top" retailers will sell you any toy under the sun, but here you will only find the best sex toys available. The toys we select are based on the non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe materials used to make them. Your search has ended here.

The Best Sex Toy Companies - Holistic Wisdom

Below you will find a directory outlining the best sex toys and sex toy manufacturers and even some of the worst sex toys you should avoid. We provide honest sex toy reviews that provide the most information available for each product that we sell so that you can make the best choice for you and/or your lover. We have a three strikes rule which ...

The Top Companies in the Sex Toy Industry for 2020 - Technavio

Trojan is known in the sex toy industry primarily for its condoms, but the company also offers lubricants, massagers, and vibrating rings. There are over 30 varieties of Trojan condoms, with different sizes and features.

Safe Sex Toy Materials: The Ultimate Guide In 2021

Where To Buy Safe Sex Toys & What To Avoid. A safe sex toy starts with a reputable seller. You want to buy toys from manufacturers that won’t lie for profit. To keep yourself out of the danger zone, stay away from some bigger, everything-for-sale shops like Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress.

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Calexotics (formerly California Exotic) was the first sex toy company founded and operated by a woman, and produces a wide range of high-quality products for all sexual partners, orientations, and price points. Every product is designed, tested and manufactured to deliver a body-safe and exceptional experience.

How to Buy a Safe and Quality Sex Toy, According to Experts ...

3. Set your price point. Don't mistakenly conflate price for quality. A higher price point isn't necessarily indicative of a higher-quality and/or more orgasmic toy. For instance, this 24K $2,500+ butt plug by Lelo may be sexy AF but, functionally, it's likely going to work just as well any other body-safe butt plug.

Body Safe Sex Toys | The 8 Things You Need to Know

Body safe sex toys are sex toys that are safe for their intended use, manufactured from non-toxic and non-porous materials, and electrically sound. The sad thing is if you were to watch someone use a sex toy on an online site like fulltube.xxx or somewhere similar, they themselves might not even know if their toy is body safe or not.

The Best Places to Buy Sex Toys Online in 2021 | SPY

BEST FOR MEN’S SEX TOYS. Although many sex toys are made for female pleasure, Fleshlight has chosen to focus on male masturbation with their line of self-pleasure devices. These cases are designed to mimic the female orifice, allowing the male member to find pleasure even without a partner.

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Their toys are made of body-safe, non-porous materials. They’re not a giant manufacturer. Their toys should be fantasy-oriented. The Borderline Fantasy Silicone section is for makers whose toys don’t quite count as fantasy, but still have really cool shapes (e.g. SquarePeg) or colours (e.g. Funkit).