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Dilduino — the Arduino for sex toys from Comingle on Tindie

Use it to create a sex toy that works for your body and your desires. Includes up to 4 analog inputs for responding to whatever feedback you want (biometrics, squeezing, sucking, sound, shaking, tilting, etc), and 3 high-power PWM-capable outputs for driving vibration motors (or any 3.3V DC motor).

A World Of Open Source Sex Toys, Built By Three Georgia Tech ...

Sex toys and sexuality get people interested in tech who wouldn’t otherwise be intrigued by Make magazine or RC copters, says Clifton. They’re hoping Comingle can reach out to and engage this ...

Meet the dominatrix living inside an Echo Dot | Engadget

After sourcing an Echo Dot, he built the Raspberry Pi controller as a bridge between her and his toys. As for why he chose Alexa over any of the other voice assistant platforms, the answer was ...

Tech Toys - Introduction | Raspberry Pi Projects

Tech Toys. Save your progress! If you want to come back to this project later, you can create a Raspberry Pi account to save your progress so far. In your account you’ll also see all the projects you complete. This is the Scratch 3 version of the project. There is also a Scratch 2 version of the project.

Secret Lover Sex Store - AliExpress

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Raspberry Pi Wifi-Controlled Cat Laser Toy

This project will show you how to create a laser toy for your cat which is controlled over the web with a Raspberry Pi. The project demonstrates using a web application to control servos with the Raspberry Pi and an excellent way to keep your cat exercising when you're umm busy playing minecraft.

More Power For Raspberry Pi USB Ports | Hackaday

Nobody ever thought “Hold on while I whip out my Raspberry Pi and my sex toy” was a turn on. *rolls eyes* Report comment. Reply. notmyfault2000 says: April 6, 2015 at 11:28 am

15 DIY Gadgets You Can Make with Raspberry Pi - Brit + Co

Nope, that’s not a misspelling in the title. Raspberry Pi has as little to do with raspberry pie as it does with giving someone a raspberry (you know, the kind you used to give people on the playground back in the day). Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer – it’s tiny! Because of this, there’s no storage built-in; but, you can use an SD card (like the one in your camera) for ...

15 of the Most Creative Raspberry Pi Projects - Brit + Co

14. Pi-Rex: No, this is not your Grandmother’s Tupperware. This is a gadget for Fido. Introducing the lazy man’s door opener, a bark-activated door-opening system powered by Raspberry Pi and Fido’s bark. (via David Hunt Photography) 15. MouseAir 2.0: Behold the ultimate cat toy: A Raspberry Pi powered mouse launcher!

Raspberry Pi : 20 projects for your kids – RaspberryTips

The Raspberry Pi is a fabulous way to keep kids busy, and I’ll give you 20 projects ideas for you to enjoy! Whether for satisfying their passion, teaching them computer skills, learning to build things with their hands, learning how to code or just for fun, the Raspberry Pi is a perfect tool for a child.