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Quiet Sex Punishments? - sexpunishment sexpunishmentes ...

Oh Joy Sex Toy has a good one on rope bondage.) Blindfolds Holding your hand on their mouth/breath play (be safe!) Roleplay that includes a dominant partner or punishment situation Whispering whatever dirty things directly in their ear ETA: Of course always discuss these with your partner prior to sex and communicate fully.

Seven Queer Webcomics That Are Not DAR - Autostraddle

Erika Moen’s sex toy review webcomic, Oh Joy ... Here is a link to an untitled webcomic by a talented person featuring a couple of women in a dom-sub type of relationship. ... 2013 at 6:24 am ...

View From The Top: It's Protocol - Autostraddle

Not everybody wants to be in this kind of relationship configuration. ... see this comic on homunculus genitalia on Oh Joy Sex Toy: ... your sub’s consent? I know it’s a 24/7 thing for you ...

Fiction Stories | The Disciplinary Wives Club

Leaning into the stroke and using plenty of wrist, she delivered a shockingly hard smack, almost but not quite as hard as she could. Of course, he howled like it was the end of the world. Posted in Fiction Stories and tagged disciplinary wives club, domestic discipline, spanking on June 21, 2014. by toy4her. . 1 Comment.

FLR Joy - Chastity Duration

Men are used to masturbation and having orgasms, and almost all men will believe it to be difficult and a major sacrifice at first. A good general rule is the duration of chastity should increase over time, so that the benefits continue to multiply, as well as his submission to you. This is not universal, however, as it depends on how you use ...

A Submissive’s Pledge | Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

A Submissive’s Pledge. Honor. Obey. These are two tiny words that mean so very much. When you throw in trust, patience, and submission, another picture might be formed in your mind’s eye. For couples who enter into marriage, there’s a pledge toward one another, a gift of body, heart and soul. This is generally signified by the exchange of ...

A Loving Introduction to BDSM | Psychology Today

Two to 3 percent of American adults play with BDSM, most occasionally, some often, and a few 24/7. That’s around 5 million people. Meanwhile, around 20 percent of adults report some arousal from ...

Sub Park Jimin (BTS) - Works | Archive of Our Own

Sex Toys; Sex Toys Under Clothing; Summary. Jimin never thought he would be seriously into BDSM. Sure, he had constantly joked about being a brat and needing to find his 'daddy' ever since he was 16, but to actually want those things, he just never thought it was possible.

Noctass | Archive of Our Own

Gentle Sex. Summary. Today was another rather lazy day, Namjoon was lounging on his couch with one of his books, a thin blanket over his lap as he had the windows open. It was still early, so he was quite surprised when Jimin crawled onto the couch with him, immediately flopping over and resting his head on Joon's lap.