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i got dildos i got lube

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Lyrics Noticed (gay version) by Lil Mosey

I got dildos, I got lube what you want son? My d**k small, you act like you ain't noticed Put my d**k inside his mouth he started chokin' That d**k in me, bro that sh*t got me moanin' Yes I'm gay, and my sister with that hoe sh*t b*t*h I'm twerkin' d**k up in my butt that sh*t be hurtin' Hurtin', n***a f**k me then he close the curtains

So for Valentine's Day my boyfriend got me lube and a dildo ...

I got my wife chocolate, I sure hope she didn't want a dildo and some lube. Now, not to make fun of the situation. He's sending a message here, not sure what it is, but he's clearly not thinking of you at this point or he is so clueless that he doesn't understand what most women want.

Correction Lil Mosey - Noticed (gay version)

Correction Lyrics Noticed (gay version) by Lil Mosey. Noticed (gay version)

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New Sarah has a giant dildo in her left drawer Old Sarah has a giant dildo in her right drawer New Sarah has a giant dildo in her left drawer Old. Birthday. C-Vybez. me like a dildo Dildo I got my Baggins like I'm Bilbo Bilbo Shawty I told you to lay low Laylow I'm bout to put you on my payroll Payroll She wanna.

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Dildos Lyrics: Dirty ass dick, yet she still blows / Dick so big make her hate Dildos / (2x) / Ya bitch tickle me like I was Elmo / She fucked around and caught a couple elbows / Trapped in life'