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how old do you have to be to buy dildos

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3 Ways to Buy a Sex Toy Under the Age of 18 - wikiHow

In most areas, it's not illegal for teens to buy sex toys—you don’t have to have reached legal adulthood or even your local age of consent to buy these items. But it can be difficult since most sex stores won't allow teens inside.

Is it illegal to buy a sex toy as a minor? What punishment ...

I do not believe there is a law prohibiting minors from buying sex toys so long as there are no pornographic images on the box/instructions etc. Your best bet is to go into a novelty store like spensors and buy a gag gift. Sex stores wont allow you in since most, the sleezy ones especially, have porn running 24/7 on the screens.

How old do you have to be to buy things from Spencers? (20 ...

Answer #1. since they sell sex toys like vibrators I would think 18 or 16 at the very least as you cant legally buy sex toys at a sex shop unless your 18 but maybe your allowed to go in at any age but are told to stay away from the side were they have the adult stuff im not sure, you should just go into the store and ask them.

how does a 13 year old get a dildo without her parents ...

Answer #4. haha you can go to a mall or shopping center by yourself with money and go to spencers hide it in another bad when u get home then hide it somewhere they wont find it. Answer #5. If you are interested in a vibrator rather than a dildo, there are many substitutes. One good one is a nail polisher you can get at any drug store.

Should I Buy My 14-Year-Old Niece a Dildo? - Washington City ...

I want to buy my 14-year-old niece a dildo, some lube, and an age-appropriate book about sex. (Can you recommend one?) I have her mother’s permission, but I wanted to double-check on whether ...

25 Sex Toys for Anyone Looking for a Good, Old-Fashioned Dildo

If you're looking for something of a challenge, this 15-inch dildo will surely do the trick. Only 12 of the toy's 15 inches are insertable, but that's still a lot .

Spencer's age limits to buy a vibrator

If you look at least 18, act mature enough and don't make a big deal about it, they'll probably let you buy one. If that doesn't work, you can go to a store and buy a prepaid visa card and order one online.

The Emotional Stages of Buying a Sex Toy - Cosmopolitan

No, you've got to go to the store, and besides the toll a JimmyJane diamond-encrusted dildo will take on your wallet, shopping at a sex emporium will also take an emotional toll.

18 More of the World's Most Disturbing Sex Toys - Cracked

18 The Plow. Admit it, every time you visit your local sex store you look up and down the aisles and are secretly ashamed and disgusted that there's not a single toy that can also double as some kind of medieval siege weapon. Lucky for you, some perverse engineers thought the same thing and nipped that problem in the bud.

My 13-Year-Old Son Wants Me to Buy Him a Sex Toy

If you have already told your wife that you’re going to pursue your nearly lifelong hankering for men and she has given you her blessing, keep reading. If not, go directly to jail, do not pass ...