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You can insert quite a long dildo but you must go slow. You have to get past another muscle group to get into the sigmoid colon, then if it's like about 18-20 inches (whew!) it has to go past another curve to get into the descending colon. This is possible if you go slow and use a LOT of lube, like J-lube for instance.

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You will know. Everyone is different. 6-8 inches depending on your size should be enough. The colon/intestine make a turn where it changes from the large intestine to the small.

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If you're getting most of the dildo into you (i.e. more than 3-4 inches), then you're passed the internal sphincter. Any resistance you feel after that may be the junction of the rectum and the sigmoid colon- usually around 6-8" inside where there is a sharp leftward turn in the colon that is pictured here:

Maximum Anal Insert | Sexual Intercourse & Orgasm discussions ...

I think I could manage to work that up around the "bend" just under my rib cage and into the small colon. then the more rigid dildo would give me that "full feeling" I so much enjoy. I've been successful at inserting about 34 to 38 inches of soft rubber tubing up into my bowels and the feeling was GREAT !

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I worked up gradually to a dildo of about 1.5 inch diameter, and could get it all the way to the junction of the sigmoid and ascending colon quite easily. Trying to get a kink onto the dildo to make it go up into the ascending, the sideways force on the junction of the rectum and sigmoid made it tear.... about 1.5 inch tear.

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If you’re planning to go deeper than 3 or 4 inches, you might want to consider an enema to flush any remaining poop from your rectum.

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Introduction to Depth Play. Squirrelmunk guides September 16, 2019. May 6, 2020. Roughly 7″ up your ass, you hit a wall. But it’s not a wall. It’s a bend. Your sigmoid bend. Most people don’t care about going past their sigmoid bend. Anal play is plenty fun if you stay in your rectum, so why bother going deeper?

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I can take an entire 12" silicon dildo inside my butt. The first 7 to 9 inches is your rectun, then bends (I think to the left) into your colon. Now here you have to choose if u want to take an enema before having anal sex, or just do it natural...If you both choose natural, be prepared 'cause is he goes to deep inside you, he is going to start pushing back inside you "everything".

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The rectum is a hollow muscular tube about 8 inches (20 cm) in length and 2.5 inches in diameter at its widest point. It extends from the inferior end of the sigmoid colon along the anterior surface of the sacrum and coccyx in the posterior of the pelvic cavity. At its inferior end, the rectum tapers slightly before ending at the anus.